The MVP Studio, London


Born in London from Spanish minds, The MVP Studio, set up by Juan Hontanilla (CEO of Develapps) and Quim Canet, stands out in the Londoner market on app development with a really promising future.

 MVP, standing for Minimum Viable Product, provides startup companies with a functional, low cost, app for their project. An MVP app contains just enough features to deploy a real product. In short, it allows entrepreneurs to test their product in the most realistic lab possible, the market place. From MPV & Develapps experience this is the best ‘proof of concept’ needed for raising seed-stage funding, and the first step in a successful venture.

According to Quim Canet at the interview for Circulo Creativo London in March 2013: «What we do is to put into practice a new concept. From a MVP we help startups creating their own prototype by applying Lean methodology»

And this leads to a fast and quantitative market testing of a product, allowing the team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

It is barely 6 months since they started in London, but The MVP Studio has already in its portfolio apps like PixelPin, Dattch, ArtiCheck, My Cricket Average and Apposite.  Develapps enriches The MVP Studio with the experience of being the developer of apps like Gow, winner of the App Date Award 2012 and finalist in the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2013,  Las Vegas .


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