Marketing strategies in Mobile apps development

Around 80% of the time we spend using our smartphones is devoted to mobile apps; that is 94 minutes a day, according to Marketingprofs.

App developers should take into account this list of facts below if they want to improve users’ experience and make the difference between success and fail:

  • An app is not a web site – An app is developed to accomplish an objective, is focused on a specific aim, the steps to reach that objective must be clearly specified so the user doesn’t get lost along the way.
  • Smartphone display is not a small-sized computer desktop – work out an easy and clear interface that shows only the relevant information to save the user unnecessary steps.
  • Take advantage of mobile devices – Geolocation, push notifications, in-app purchases, among others, are the big difference between a computer and a mobile device. Take advantage of these features and use them to provide information to your users regarding their location, surroundings and field of action.
  • Generate dependency to your app – Make your app indispensable: the more they use it, the more they should need it.
  • Remember to update and improve your app – New technologies move forward really fast; optimize the running and weight of your app. Slow running may turn your app into inoperability.
  • Build a clear sales strategy plan to make your app profitable, – Your app should have a differential value to stand out from competitors. Encourage interaction, allow users to share your app, the more the better.
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