HTML5 vs native mobile apps

In Develapps we believe in the development of native apps as being the best way of taking advantage of all the features your device can offer.

But is not only us who believe that, apparently the mobile app market is returning to the development of native apps detrimental to HTML5.

Advantages of HTML5 are well known, among them the easy adaptation to all platforms from a first version only by modifying the code slightly; but the more using the more flaws and faults are shown. Not any fault but a big one that makes HTML5 to be limited to low web traffic. As the traffic increases, memory use increases and the app starts running out of memory.

That is the main reason LinkedIn developed a native app after having been user of HTLM5 for quite a while. As well as Facebook; after launching its app for iOS and Android in HTML5, they replaced iOS into native and then they developed another native for Android.

Not denying that developing two native apps means an extraordinary investment. However customers will be sure that these apps have been built with different codes, according to the platform they are devoted to, optimising the features of they mobile device. They can count with tooling support and runtime diagnostics which HTLM5 is lacking of.

It is an extra effort to be done by developers to ensure their product will last and functionality will be the same.

 Our team in Develapps is up to date and willing to give solutions. A great team of developers giving the best product in any of both platforms.

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