Develapps at the IX Computer Engineering Congress in Valencia


Last Thursday, April 25, in the 2013 (computer week 2013), took place the IX Computer Engineering Congress.

In the field of boom in apps’ market several successful development companies were introduced, among them Develapps, and invited to discuss about the latest tendencies  in app development.

Representing Develapps was our CTO Daniel Juan. We will summarize the topics treated in this discussion in four points:

-       The MVP Studio: most of the questions from the public addressed to Dani were about this original concept created in London by our CEO, Juan Hontanilla, and Quim Canet. People found really interesting the possibility of creating a functional product with a minimum cost.

-       Related to the previous topic, the audience questioned the viability and adaptability of our MVP apps. Those apps were developed initially to reach a limited audience, as a trial functional version to get investments and develop a full product. However, our product development ensures the scalability of the app when applying to a wider market. They are apps developed from a limited budget but able to reach a big audience.  Our apps are able to adapt to the environment for two reasons: besides the great work of our developers, it is because of our collaboration with third parties that ensure the perfect running of our apps at anytime. We work with Urbanship for Push notifications and Parse for cloud storing and backend services.

-       Apple monopoly (including the closure of AppsGratis) and the increasing number of apps developed in Android platform, was a topic that concerned the public. In Develapps we still have more projects in iOS than in Android.

-       How do apps get funding? When external investments are hard to get and pay per use apps do not get enough downloads to pay its own development, micro-payments integrated in the apps are the best solution. Some others to also include banners to get quick funds.


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