Most battery consuming Apps

Our main concerns related to apps were basically to make something functional and efficient that does not weight much in our device, or whose memory use do not slow down the app running. What about the use of the battery?

There are apps whose battery consumption is so big that battery life can be reduced drastically.  Hence the charger is one of the essentials in our handbag.

No smartphone offers a long lasting battery, that’s not new, but if you add to this any of the following apps installed in your device it still lasts less.

  • Geolocation Apps: when using an app that makes use of the GPS, geolocator system turns on and battery runs low. It is advisable not allowing apps to access to our location when they request. Instead, check or uncheck the location option at your Settings menu.
  •  Apps with Push notifications: apps that will inform about any change since your last visit or the reception of a new text, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Foursquare. Uncheck Push notifications option at the Settings menu and check updates for yourself, it will make you save battery.
  •  Apps requiring wireless connection: Those apps using streaming (music players or online radios) or those offering voice + video calls (Tango, Viber, Skype) do need WiFi connection or, at least, a fast 3G. And fast will you run out of battery if you use them constantly.
  •  Image loading apps: Display is the most battery consuming part of the device. Hence those apps where image, photo or video loading are the core task, consume almost as much battery as geolocation. For instance Instagram or Flickr.

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