If it is the first time you are creating a mobile app and you don’t have the experience and technical skills here there are our recommendations:
1 Do not fall in love with your own ideas and remember that you are developing for the end users, not for yourself.
Can you say in one single sentence the problem your app is solving? If not, probably you should reconsider the app concept.
Tech co-founders should not only code, but also bridge the gap between the market and the product.
2- Cost of opportunity. Consider different development options and work out the hidden costs of opportunity behind each of them. Make sure when choosing a tech co-founder, he or she has the tech skills to develop both the frontend and the backend, and work out the developing time, the risks and costs of opportunity of each option you have.
3- Get product-market fit before thinking about growth. In this first step choose the right people that will help you achieving this first goal. Don’t try to run too fast.
4- A co-founder is like a marriage, and you don’t want just a one night stand, you want to marry “The one”. In the UK technical profiles are highly demanded so you should be the most beautiful bride. Consider rising angel investment or pre-angel investment first, that will allow you to choose the team you want to work with.
5- Work with us! At Develapps, we have over 5 years’ experience working with startups we have not only gained great experience in product development, but also we learned from each of our projects how to create a successful startup. Working with us you will have the security of developing a product that will fit into the market and will rise, at least, your first round of investment.

Develapps Exhibiting at Appsworld 2014

This week, the whole Develapps team is involved and passionate about the Appsworld exhibition in London. During the 12th and 13th of November, we will be exhibiting at the ExCEL at the Startup zone of Appsworld 2014. Appsworld is the most important exhibition of Apps development and promotion in Europe. This year, we will have the opportunity to exhibit our products and services to more than 12.000 visitors and 350 exhibitors. Apart from our services, we will be showing our in-house “Enterprise Communication Suite” a set of Apps built specifically to help companies showcase and communicate their products in an innovative, affordable and effective manner.

Our skills and vast experience working with startups and innovative companies has led us to consistently deliver visually appealing Apps with outstanding performance, achieving the highest standards and awesome customer satisfaction and trust.

Some of our Apps have received awards and been featured worldwide. GOW, one of the industry leading apps in wearable technologies, won the Best App of Spain 2012 Award and the worldwide Best Bluetooth Breakthrough Product award in 2013.

From 2012 to 2014, We have helped several startups to achieve up to 2 Million pounds in investment, and acquire up to 1.5 Million users. Our Apps have succeeded in diverse markets such as the US, UK and Europe. Most of these startups have been selected by the best accelerators in UK and Spain (Wayra, Lanzadera, Plug & PlayTechCenter, UCL Advances, Innovation Warehouse, Startup Bootcamp) and have additionally received numerous prizes and awards.

Large global corporations also trust Develapps as their preferred App development partners, with enterprise grade iOS & Android Apps being developed for companies such as LG Electronics, Santander and Porcelanosa.

All of this success , has also been possible thanks to strong partnerships with App industry leaders, such as UCL Advances, The Mobile Academy, Mobile Monday London, StartUPV, 4YFN (Mobile World Congress) and Developers & Entrepreneurs, the biggest tech group in Meetup with more than 3.000 members.