The Mobile Academy 2013

For the second year in a row, Develapps takes part into The Mobile Academy, an unmissable event for companies and professionals whose businesses turn around mobile technology and design.

The Mobile Academy is, quoting from its web, “a prac­tical, 36-hour evening pro­gramme for anyone keen to start or con­tinue their journey in mobile innovation” hosted by “ Mobile Monday London, the UK’s leading com­munity for people involved in mobile, teamed up with Uni­ver­sity College London (UCL Advances).”

 The 2013 Edition started April 23rd and will be going on until June 27th. Those who attend at least an 80% of it will be awarded with A Cer­ti­ficate of Con­tinuing Pro­fes­sional Devel­op­ment.

Both if you are a company working actively on a project, as Develapps, or a startup wishing and willing to develop your idea and meet maybe your team, this is your place.

This 36 hour Master Class will enrich those settled companies by updating their business ideas and allowing them to interact with other professionals leading, hopefully, into collaborations.  Also start-ups will take advantage of this excellent opportunity The Mobile Academy offers by learning, from successful professionals, how to develop their idea into a real and viable project. And this year, in addition, they could also win 40 hours in app development offered by Develapps.

This year Develapps is not only another pupil at the The Mobile Academy but also a sponsor.

One project will be chosen during the Show and Tell sessions of the last two days among all the start-ups taking part in this Master Class. This project wins 40 working hours in the development of its app.

The winning project will fulfil these requirements:

  • It is a viable product.
  • It is possible to develop a functional app in 40 hours.
  • It has evolved from the beginning of The Mobile Academy.
  • It is made up of a great team, already existing or built during this edition.

Until this day arrives and the winner is chosen, participants at The Mobile Academy will enjoy sessions about HTML5 and Mobile Web (recently posted in our blog), Design Principles, Android, etc. You can check the programme here.

HTML5 vs native mobile apps

In Develapps we believe in the development of native apps as being the best way of taking advantage of all the features your device can offer.

But is not only us who believe that, apparently the mobile app market is returning to the development of native apps detrimental to HTML5.

Advantages of HTML5 are well known, among them the easy adaptation to all platforms from a first version only by modifying the code slightly; but the more using the more flaws and faults are shown. Not any fault but a big one that makes HTML5 to be limited to low web traffic. As the traffic increases, memory use increases and the app starts running out of memory.

That is the main reason LinkedIn developed a native app after having been user of HTLM5 for quite a while. As well as Facebook; after launching its app for iOS and Android in HTML5, they replaced iOS into native and then they developed another native for Android.

Not denying that developing two native apps means an extraordinary investment. However customers will be sure that these apps have been built with different codes, according to the platform they are devoted to, optimising the features of they mobile device. They can count with tooling support and runtime diagnostics which HTLM5 is lacking of.

It is an extra effort to be done by developers to ensure their product will last and functionality will be the same.

 Our team in Develapps is up to date and willing to give solutions. A great team of developers giving the best product in any of both platforms.

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Join the GOW experience

Gow complements, based on the app developed by Weartech and Develapps winner of The AppDate Award 2012,  are already available in stores. Note down the places where you can get its complete outfit.

K-Tuin, Apple Premium Retailer, is the last one to join the success of Gow by selling online Gow t-shirts and heart-rate sensor. But you can also find them at Tritan, online shop devoted to help triathletes to get the whole kit for the practice of Triathlon, an everyday more fashionable sport.

As Tritan creators say, they are not only selling best brands at best price, but they are triathletes themselves. That means that they try what they sell and ensure their customers the best quality and comfort in all their products.

You can also buy Gow products in or, as usual, directly at Gow Trainer online store or in any of their 30 shops around Spain.

Get your kit in few easy steps, download and install your Gow app for Iphone and join Gow experience.

The MVP Studio, London


Born in London from Spanish minds, The MVP Studio, set up by Juan Hontanilla (CEO of Develapps) and Quim Canet, stands out in the Londoner market on app development with a really promising future.

 MVP, standing for Minimum Viable Product, provides startup companies with a functional, low cost, app for their project. An MVP app contains just enough features to deploy a real product. In short, it allows entrepreneurs to test their product in the most realistic lab possible, the market place. From MPV & Develapps experience this is the best ‘proof of concept’ needed for raising seed-stage funding, and the first step in a successful venture.

According to Quim Canet at the interview for Circulo Creativo London in March 2013: «What we do is to put into practice a new concept. From a MVP we help startups creating their own prototype by applying Lean methodology»

And this leads to a fast and quantitative market testing of a product, allowing the team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

It is barely 6 months since they started in London, but The MVP Studio has already in its portfolio apps like PixelPin, Dattch, ArtiCheck, My Cricket Average and Apposite.  Develapps enriches The MVP Studio with the experience of being the developer of apps like Gow, winner of the App Date Award 2012 and finalist in the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2013,  Las Vegas .

Marketing strategies in Mobile apps development

Around 80% of the time we spend using our smartphones is devoted to mobile apps; that is 94 minutes a day, according to Marketingprofs.

App developers should take into account this list of facts below if they want to improve users’ experience and make the difference between success and fail:

  • An app is not a web site – An app is developed to accomplish an objective, is focused on a specific aim, the steps to reach that objective must be clearly specified so the user doesn’t get lost along the way.
  • Smartphone display is not a small-sized computer desktop – work out an easy and clear interface that shows only the relevant information to save the user unnecessary steps.
  • Take advantage of mobile devices – Geolocation, push notifications, in-app purchases, among others, are the big difference between a computer and a mobile device. Take advantage of these features and use them to provide information to your users regarding their location, surroundings and field of action.
  • Generate dependency to your app – Make your app indispensable: the more they use it, the more they should need it.
  • Remember to update and improve your app – New technologies move forward really fast; optimize the running and weight of your app. Slow running may turn your app into inoperability.
  • Build a clear sales strategy plan to make your app profitable, – Your app should have a differential value to stand out from competitors. Encourage interaction, allow users to share your app, the more the better.
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